UBC brain researchers featured in article by National Post

From the article: While the link between concussions and early-onset dementia in professional athletes has dominated the headlines, UBC researcher Dr. Naznin Virji-Babul, a physiotherapist and neuroscientist, aims to understand the impact of concussions much closer to home: its effects on teenage children. ‘Adolescence is a time when there is explosive growth in the brain, especially in frontal areas dealing with attention, risk-taking and decision-making,’ she says. ‘What I’m trying to address is how having a concussion, or multiple ones, can affect these very important functions.’ So far, her work has uncovered that having even one concussion can lead to lasting changes. ‘There are a small percentage of kids who get a single concussion and have prolonged symptoms,’ she adds. ‘So we’re trying to understand what makes those kids different.'”

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